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The meditation technique that changed my life

Why meditation is THE tool you’ve been missing

I am so excited to share this with you. This thing is THE thing that has transformed my health, productivity, energy and more. I've been on extended meditation retreats, spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on meditation trainings in both San Francisco and New York, but this is the one meditation method that has changed my life and it's available to learn online. 


It’s called The Ziva Technique, created and taught by my dear friend and renowned meditation expert Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation.


Emily has taught 15,000 people to meditate, including Oscar and Grammy award winners, Navy SEALs and  NBA players. She has taken these same techniques and distilled them into this entertaining and enlightening book so that we can all get the benefits. 


I completed Emily’s course at Ziva about five years ago, and it has transformed my physical health and mental wellbeing, including major insomnia. The Ziva Technique is a powerful combination of mindfulness to get rid of your stress in the right now, meditation to get rid of your stress from the past and manifesting tools to realize your dreams for the future. 


Since incorporating Ziva into my own life:

  • I sleep better

  • I have sharper focus at work

  • My creativity is through the roof

  • I have energy to spare

  • I have more joy and peace in my life

  • Hear your inner wisdom (intuition) so much easier!

Here’s everything that comes with zivaONLINE when you sign up…

  • 15-day video training in The Ziva Technique, including how to select your own personal mantra from a curated list.

  • Monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Emily, exclusive to zivaONLINE grads

  • Access to the zivaONLINE private online community where Emily and the zivaTEAM are on call to answer your questions and support you.

  • Impactful graduate content sent straight to your inbox for 6 months after you graduate timed perfectly to your meditation journey.

  • Get your biggest questions answered in 4 pre-recorded Q&A sessions during the course.

  • Four downloadable guided meditations for travel, sleep, stress release & performance.

What do you have to lose? Besides stress...

Dana has dedicated her career to the field of employee wellness, accumulating over two decades of experience. Throughout the United States, she has been instrumental in creating and implementing employee wellness programs. Her expertise ranges from developing comprehensive wellness initiatives for Colorado's largest school district, benefiting a workforce of 12,000 individuals, to leading group meditation sessions tailored for those who believe they can't meditate (i.e. Margaritas & Mindfulness). Additionally, Dana excels in providing one-on-one health coaching, fostering a culture of vitality and well-being within organizations.

Dana's credentials include certifications as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, personal trainer, and wellness coach. She has also authored four published books. 

Academically, Dana holds a master's degree in Business Management and a bachelor's degree in Community Health Education.

Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Dana now proudly calls Colorado her home, where she resides with her husband and two sons. Her Midwest roots continue to shape her approach to life and work, infusing her endeavors with a warm and down-to-earth perspective.

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