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Return To You.

Dana is a modern meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and writer based in Boulder, CO.

She teaches you how to hold space for the present moment, helping you return to yourself.


Welcome home. 


The greatest adventure you will ever go on, is the inner one - returning to yourself, returning home.


Hi, I'm Dana

I'm a certified meditation teacher, writer and mindfulness coach based in Boulder, CO. I've authored 3 books and host the Big Calm Energy podcast. I've worked in corporate wellness for almost two decades, designing and implementing employee wellbeing programs for organizations and school districts of all sizes throughout the U.S.


Certified Mindfulness Instructor (CMI)
MNDFL | New York 



Water your inner garden. Grow your compassion. Cultivate your truth. Whatever you choose to pay attention to will bloom in and around you. Choose wisely.

-Dana Wisniewski

Awakening Wild: Poems & Field Notes on Life

Meditating in Nature
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In this podcast, I share mindful living strategies as well as ways to question your critical thoughts (imposter syndrome, anyone?), beat burnout and overcome overwhelm (oh, hi there 2022). 


Part mindfulness. Part Awesomeness

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What others are saying...

"Lowers my stress level instantly

I have been listening to the author for over 20 years. She has always had the ability and the gift to center myself and anyone else to see the big picture in life. She is able to beautifully express the wonder and magic in nature all around us."


 Work with me one-on-one (in-person or Zoom), join the Community Practice, or listen to my guided meditations on the Big Calm Energy podcast.

Published Articles

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Perhaps, above all else, we are simply longing

 to fully arrive in this very moment.

To inhabit the feeling of being completely awake,

balancing on the edge of present moment stillness 

and blood pumping aliveness.


-Dana Wisniewski

Awakening Wild: Poems & Field Notes on Life


"Dana's words and passion for life are so encouraging. Her tranquil voice keeps me in the now. Love her way with words and how they make us see the world so inspirationally."