Meet Dana


"I believe simple and intentional living are key in this chaotic world, and I strive for both daily."

I'm a wife, momma, author, digital marketing designer and corporate wellbeing professional, working extensively in corporate health promotion/marketing for the past 20 years. 

I'm a born and raised Wisconsin girl, who now calls Colorado home. I've picked up certifications as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, meditation teacher and wellness coach. I hold a B.S. in Community Health Education & Promotion (University of WI) as well as a M.S. in Marketing Management (University of WI). I also like drinking strong coffee and using the occasional cuss word. 

My areas of writing expertise/content creation include: health/medical, fitness, wellness, travel, adventure, parenting, spirituality and real estate/architecture.

With my design and writing, I aim to creatively promote and empower conscious people - their products, services & brands - who genuinely care about the wellbeing of other people, our environment and the world. In short, a strategist and designer for those who give a shit. 

I strive to be powerful yet playful as well as clear and conscience in my writing/design. If that resonates with you, please contact me.

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