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Do you know what a glimmer is?

A glimmer might look like no big deal to some people, but we understand how magical they are! And you can seek out more glimmers throughout the day.  You can become a glimmer seeker!

Kids Glimmer cover (8.5 x 8.5 in) (2).png
Kids Glimmer cover (8.5 x 8.5 in) (2).png

Glimmer Seeker: Finding Sparkles in the Ordinary


Glimmers. A moment of awe. A whisper of gratitude. That warm and fuzzy feeling you get, that creates a full body exhale. It’s finding a sparkly rock, snuggling with your dog on the couch, smelling cookies baking.

Glimmers gently nudge your body into a sense of peace, safety, joy and connection. They signal that everything is okay in the world. The Universe speaks in glimmers, and your body understands this subtle language.

The more you seek out your gimmers, the more they will show up for you. gently nudging and guiding your mind and body to joy and peace. You can become a glimmer seeker!

In this book, children subtly learn about mindfulness, positive psychology and mental wellbeing by searching out positive experiences.


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