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Dana Wisniewski

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Awakening Wild_paperback 5.25x8.jpg
Awakening Wild_paperback 5.25x8.jpg

Awakening Wild:

Poems & Field Notes on Life

We were all born wild. But somehow, along our journey, we forgot this way of being. Instead, we're exhausted, overwhelmed, and running on autopilot. Longing for peace, joy and clarity.

We’ve listened to everyone and everything except "the still small voice within." We’ve given our power away. Most of us haven’t even realized we’ve done so. But we can all call it back to us. We can re-wild.

This is a collection of original poems, short prose and inspirational writings that will help women of every age slow down, identify with her inner truth and cultivate an intentional way of living. And ultimately awaken the wild within. 

cover_one image_8.5.x5.5_hardcover.jpg
cover_one image_8.5.x5.5_hardcover.jpg

Awakening Wild:

30 Days of Awakening Guided Journal

We’re hearing the call to awaken. To live more intentionally. This may seem overwhelming at first, but there are simple ways to integrate a more intentional, more soulful way of being into our daily lives.


Welcome to the journey! This is a 30-day journey toward slowing down, becoming more mindful, identifying inner truth, and cultivating an intentional life.


This is a guided journal that will help you go deeper into the 30-Days of Awakening Challenge by exploring your thoughts, feeling and reactions each day. Included in the 130 page journal:

  • 30 days of mindful activities

  • Discovery questions

  • Space for reflection

  • Beautiful hardcover design

  • Inspiring quotes & poems

FREE 30-day Mindfulness Challenge

Here it is! Click HERE to download.

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